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Road Management Section

    Traffic Management and Installation of Traffic Management Facilities

    • The planning and setup up of road safety related facilities and management of data and information;
    • Review of all constructions that may affect traffic;
    • Planning alternate roads and routes and giving information related to relieving traffic congestions on major holidays or key events;
    • Management of traffic signal maintenance.

    Disaster Prevention

    • Handling of sea and air disasters and reporting major road traffic accidents (RTA);
    • Management of engineering and heavy machinery;
    • Handling of emergencies and disaster responses.

    Maintenance and Management of Parking Lots Works

    • Planning, design, review, and approval of parking lots works;
    • Management, supervision, and maintenance of private parking lots operations;
    • Planning and management of roadside parking spaces;
    • Other assignments related to the management and maintenance of parking facilities.

    Road Safety (Promoting and Implementation of The Road Safety Report)

    • Planning and implementation of the county's Road Safety Report;
    • Review of each item in the county's traffic policies;
    • Review and approval of the county's traffic maintenance plan and the supervision of its implementation;
    • Survey and announcement of allowed and forbidden roads for trucks carrying sand and stones in the county;
    • Coordination and supervision of all working groups related to road safety; 
    • Recording of all meeting resolutions regarding the county's Road Safety Report and tracking and monitoring of all follow-up resolutions.

    Traffic Safety Works

    • Improvement works on traffic routes for the roads under the county jurisdiction;
    • Improvement works on the prioritization of right of way for roads within the cities; 
    • Improvement works on traffic environment for the major roads within the jurisdiction of the county;
    • Setting up and maintenance of safety works in the Chiayi High Speed Rail Zone and in county governed zones;
    • Works regarding all of the county’s traffic signals;
    • Investigation of all petitions by people.

    Improvement Works of Landscapes and Sidewalks

    • Improvement works on existing landscapes along the roads and sidewalks;
    • Works on bus pavilions (including the construction of new ones, and maintenance work related to its main body as well as related works);
    • Works related to the beautification and the promotion of green zones in the environment and their maintenance (including maintenance of ditches on the roadside and on sidewalks, roadside trees and the greening and beautification of leftover land next to roads);
    • Works related to road lighting (digging of lines, setting up of the foundations, construction work related to the setting of light poles, paving of roads and related maintenance).