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Public Work Section

    Engineering Administration

    • Undertaking county level affairs of the Executive Yuan Public Construction Commission;
    • Promotion of the private sector participating in public constructions;
    • Registration and management for the setting up of constructions and of the construction contracting industry;
    • Issue of the proof of completion of construction as well as architectural projects for the construction and architecture industry;
    • Handling disputes for public construction works;
    • Review of all types of public constructions and architectural works handled by all village, town, and city halls;
    • Handling petitions or local recommendations for public constructions and architectural works;
    • Assistance in the review of the quality of constructions and architectural works;
    • Compilation of all types of forms.

    Planning, Design, Bidding, and Final Verification and Acceptance of Constructions and Architectural Works and Related Facilities

    • All types of public constructions and architectural works belonging to the county;
    • Construction works related to all schools and dormitories for schools belonging to the county government;
    • Other assigned work.