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Road Use Section

    Land related to public roads

    • Payment of operational fees, compensations, and bonuses related to the public use land;
    • Auditing and writing off of fees related to and of public use;
    • Handling and reporting of cases related to acquisition, retroactive acquisition, correction, cancellation of acquisition, and combined acquisitions;
    • Assisting the handling of cases related to disputes and objections relating to the acquisition of public land use;
    • Review of the appraisals regarding the compensation of buildings being torn down or removed;
    • Handling of petitions regarding public land use and cases related to administrative lawsuits;
    • Negotiations regarding purchase prices of land use cases.

    Land Management related to Public Roads

    • Filing routine reports of land use and cases related to the correction and expedited processing of improper procedures and incomplete procedures;
    • Handling and announcement of cases related to the abandoning of existing roads;